RGV Family Pharmacy provides weight loss services in Edinburg as an Ideal Protein Clinic.  Lose weight and learn to keep it off by following a dietary plan that is proven to work.

Weight Loss

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  • Phase 1

    Weight Loss Period

    • To be followed until 100% of your goal is achieved
    • 3 Ideal Protein Meals per day
    • Dinner meal of you choice (within guidelines)
    • Starter Pack included to sample variety of 70 different food products
    • Online Account Dashboard to see progress
    • Daily Coaching Videos delivered to your email to help you develop great cooking and fitness habits
    • Weekly Face to Face Coaching Sessions to weigh-in, measure, strategize and track your progress
    • Ideal Protein Food Selection
  • Phase 2

    2 Week Pre-Stabilization Phase

    • 2 Ideal Protein Meals per day
    • Lunch and Dinner of your choice following guidelines
  • Phase 3

    2 Week Pre-Stabilization Phase

    • Reintroduce carbohydrates and fats into the diet
    • Ideal Complete meal replacement
    • One Ideal Protein Meal per day
  • Phase 4

    12 month Stabilization and Maintenance - New Lifestyle

    • Continued access to Ideal Protein foods, Ideal Complete, and Ideal Protein Supplements
    • Continued access to coaching videos and face to face coaching sessions

Earn $75 Credit* When You Start

*Must Attend One Free Workshop to Qualify, Held Weekly

How are dieters losing 2 to 4 pounds a week on the our Ideal Protein Protocol?*

Over 70 Food Items

One on One Support

Dieter Accountability

Carlos Lost over 80 pounds in 7 months!

Carlos Solis, R.PH

RGV Family Pharmacy

President and Ideal Protein Coach/Lifestyler


Lost over 80 pounds in 7 months



Improving Health to spend quality time with his family

Carlos explains why he decided it was time for a change.

Lose weight and keep it off!  Join us for one of our free weekly workshops to learn more!

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Lost 10 pounds and improved her overall health!

Lost 60 pounds and 43 inches in 4 months!

Lost 34 pounds and improved vitamin levels!

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Meet the Coaches

Angel Ramirez

Ideal protein  Coach


Michelle Nin0

Ideal protein  Coach


Lost 60 Pounds and 43 inches in 4 months

Lost 34 Pounds and Improved Vitamin Levels

Christina lopez, r.PH

Ideal protein  Coach


Lost 10 Pounds and Improved Health